11 February 2023

Upgrading Mastodon from v4.0.2 to v4.1.0

I just upgraded norcal.social from Mastodon v4.0.2 to v4.1.0. The upgrade process is easy and the doesn’t require any downtime aside from a few seconds it takes things to start working again after restarting the Mastodon processes. Here are the exact commands to run:

Some notes:

  • This is for a non-docker install.
  • Assumes you have initially connected to the server as root.
  • Making a backup of the “live” directory probably isn’t necessary. Especially if you have regular backups. You do right? If you are storing media locally then be sure to exclude /home/mastodon/live/public/system/ – to do this you’ll need to use rsync instead of cp.
  • If you’ve set “export RAILS_ENV=production” in your .bashrc then you could leave the “RAILS_ENV=production” bit off, but it doesn’t hurt anything to just leave it as-is.
  • There was a short lived load spike during the upgrade. Nothing critical, but something to watch out for if you’re server is near capacity and due for an upgrade 🙂
  • I’m a fan of cleaning up cruft, so I’d recommend removing the backup data (mastodon_production.sql.gz and live.bak) after 24 hours or whenever you are comfortable that everything is working post upgrade.
  • After the mastodon restart it takes a few seconds for things to start working, which means a few seconds of downtime.
  • The release announcement can be found https://github.com/mastodon/mastodon/releases/tag/v4.1.0. Check that for full details on the release, and for adjustments to the commands if you are using docker.

Posted February 11, 2023 by msb in category "Mastodon